Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bella the Bassador

Here is a pic of the worst guard dog (Jeremy Clarkson voice here) IN THE WORLD! However she is too gorgeous for words and brings us allot of joy and entertainment! We are thinking of getting a Golden Retriever and found 1 that is looking for a new home, so hopefully soon she will have a brother to entertain her! These photos are pretty deseptive, she looks like a Lab but has very short legs and a long body! Very cute!

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me? Its been a few days since I blogged, I am so sorry!
As mentioned previously, I went to try on my first wedding dress, hhhmmmm, how can I say this in the nicest possible way????? I DO NOT LOOK GOOD IN A WEDDING DRESS!!! All the pleasures of take aways has not done me any good! So from no on I am going to make a huge effort in eating better and doing some exercise! This is easier said than done! Ashley has the metabolism of a child and can eat everything and anything and still looks like a Greek God! I however left my metabolism behind when I turned 24! I love everything bad and could eat Biltong all day every day, not good! So now is the time to look after myself!! I am not put off by trying on any more dresses though and I look forward to having a whole day of fittings and champagne (I think they try and get you pissed and then sell you the most expensive dress, I am sure that's how it works!)

Thailand plans are coming along nicely! I have decided to spend most of the holiday at the Sunset Beach Resort in Phuket and then plan to spend a few days at Railay Bay Resort and Spa where we will be getting married! I am still waiting on flights to open to get rates but hopefully that can be all sorted next month! Railay Bay resort and Spa have been so helpful and accommodating that I just know we will have an amazing time there! I am provisionally looking at 25th March 2011, we would like to get married on the 2nd April 2011, which means that our anniversary will always be over a long weekend and we always go away for that! Whoo hoo for long weekends!
I am still collecting lots of brooches for my bouquet and I am sure its going to look out of this world! As soon as we are all booked up then my invites will go out to all!

On a crappy note!!! We have had 2 attempted breakin's at our house in the last 4 days! Seriously not cool! 4am This morning was the most recent and I actually saw the 2 shits running towards the house from our front garden, we are all fine, however I don't think my PJ's made it through the tragic event! We have a furry family member Bella who is a Bassador (Labrador and Basset Hound mixed) she is totally gorgeous and very spoilt, however the worst guard dog (insert Jeremy Clarkson voice here) IN THE WORLD!!!! Luckily all the neighbours have seriously vicious dogs so they warned us in good time! Very surprisingly the SAPS were there in 2 minutes and were very helpful! Thanks Boys, you may have restored my faith in you, for the time being any way!
We have Easter weekend this weekend and I have decided to take 2 extra days off from work so I have a majorly long weekend ahead of me! We have all decided we are going to the Eastern Cape to the legendary surf spot that is Jeffrey's Bay, so the men can surf till their hearts content and the ladies can shop till they drop! So excited I could wee a little!
So for now all you beautiful people I will ask you all 1 favour....... stay beautiful

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Happy Excited!!!

Well, my last few posts have been a bit, hmm, how do I put this? Depro!! So on a very positive note........ Thailand plans are coming together slowly but surely! I am pretty set on Sunset Beach resort as it is near the hustle and bustle but far enough so you can at least have a good nights sleep! I have heard wonderful reviews on it from close friends, its always nicer when some one recommends somewhere! However, this is not where we will be having the wedding, I still need to find that spot! I found a gorgeous resort in Railay to get married at right on the beach, even in the bloody water if I want it to be, waiting on rates to come back but the reviews I have found on the web have not been amazing, in fact very mixed!! So will keep you updated on the actual Wedding venue!!

On an even better note........................... I am going to try on my very first wedding dress!!! I wanted to have 2 made, yes 2!!! 1 For our gathering here and another for Thailand, my Mom recons I should have 1 made in Thailand and take a back up with me just incase! But when I saw this dress I am trying on today on the web, it was calling my name, seriously, "Jen, place your boobies in my princess cut, come on! You know you want to!" Its a princess cut (for the boys who are reading,m a princess cut is when it makes like a top of a heart shape by your boobies) and as most of you know! I love my Boobies (all real, thank you very much) and any dress that will show off how amazing they are (yes! Blowing my own trumpet!) the better! So Off I go in 30 min to try it on! I am so excited I actually have butterflies in my tummy!

I will let you all know how it goes, for the mean time though, here are my first options of dresses that I want made! 1 Word AWESOME!!!

MWHA to you all xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not good news

So unfortunately It does not look good for the little puppy we rescued! She has very advanced tick bite fever and as she is so weak it looks doubtful she will last! However at least she had 1 night of yummy food, a good clean, warm bed, toys and lots of love!

Something like this could have been prevented! Please support local organisations! Even if you donate R1 or a bag of food! Every little helps!

Hopefully my next post will be a little more uplifting!
Laters! xx

Monday, March 22, 2010


Ola all you beautiful people! Today is a public holiday and all I can say is thank heavens!!! After lots of partying this weekend I am looking forward to a day of sofa and the most unhealthiest food ever in my tummy! Yummy!!!!

A group of us all went to K Day (music festival at Lourensford) and it was so divine, lots of music and even more wine!! Headache is an understatement! However was so Worth it!

Last night we went for drinks at a friend house (rephrase, a friends Manor) was possibly the most amazing place I have ever seen, it is also a sanctuary for cats, it is definitely a cats life there, I will like to come back as a cat 1 day and live there please! Steak and fish galore for all of them! Divine! Then on a sad note, we left the party and went to the shop to get something, when we arrived there was a homeless man dragging a very skinny puppy around, this poor this was so dehydrated and starving!!! If you know me well you would have known what I did next, yelled alot at the guy and swooped this tiny fragile thing in my arms, when we got home Ashley had to bath her, she is so infested with ticks and fleas, so sad! We made her the comfiest bed with a water bottle, gave her water which she drank all of and gave her small amounts of food throughout the evening, I didn't want to over feed her! I also had to do something that was very painful and that was to open my drawer where I have saved all of Princess Holly's teddy's and give this little fragile thing something to snuggle up to! I am sure Princess Hol's wouldn't mind at all!

We have been trying to get hold of a few organisations that will take her in, but on a public holiday its pretty difficult!

I don't know how any one in their hearts can be so cruel to something so small and fragile! Why?
I will keep you all posted on the outcome!
Adios all you beautiful people xxx

Friday, March 19, 2010

You love me! You really love me!

Hi all you gorgeous people! Wow, my followers are expanding! Thanks so much for all your positive feedback, you love me! You really love me (insert dramatic Oscar receiving speech here)! Made me a little proud of myself!

I have been searching non stop to find somewhere amazing to stay! I think we will stay in the commercial side (Patong etc) for the first few days of our trip and then venture to 1 of the islands and treat ourselves to pure luxury (grape feeding and all). If any one has any advice please send my way! I would love to experience the culture as well as the SHOPPING!!!! As all of the girls who I went with to India know! I love a bit of bargaining! I am in my element when haggling!!!

So we are pretty set on April 2011 for the big venture! Ash and I will be officially getting wed here in SA before we leave for Thailand, something small here, as we have a large enough garden, maybe even do it there with all who wont be joining us in Thailand, might even put some positive energy back in the place since the accident with our Princess (rest in peace Mommy's baby!) I think it will save alot of hassles doing it legally before we go out! Might even decorate the garden in a theme or something! A Thai theme!!!!!

I am really missing my Sisters and Mother at a time like this, would be great if I were near them, my big Sister is always good at making me feel better about all the stress! Love you Em xxx I have a small problem at the moment, well actually BIG really! My bridesmaid and Maid of Honour are not liking each other very much (understatement) and to be honest, its making this whole experience a bit bleh for me! Long story short, Made of Honour wants to step down because she doesn't want to make this experience unpleasant for me, even though she tries so hard to make peace with every one and I really want her to be part of this experience with me, she is my oldest friend after all and its all just a bit much. If I click my heels like Dorothy do you think I will go to a nicer place???!!!!!! Any way! It will work itself out! If not then it just was not meant to be!!!

I am so pleased its Friday! You have no idea! I have year end at the moment and as I am the "accountant" of the office its actually pretty stressful, considering that I have only had very basic bookkeeping experience before, I think I am doing a pretty good job, so it will be a welcome treat that my Mother in Law to be got Ashley and myself tickets to a picnic music concert here at Lourensford wine estate for tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it! My bestest bands ever are playing 'Freshly Ground" and "Goldfish" so very excited to be lying in the sun with a vino in 1 hand, great music and even better company!

I hope you all have a divine weekend, here in SA its a long weekend for us! Whoo Hoo! Muchos love to you all! Adios! xx

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flowers or lack there of!

Ola all you beautiful people (4 followers!)
In my first post I mentioned my flowers or lack thereof! So here it is! I have decided against flowers for my wedding, dont all be shocked! I will still have a bouquet but I am making it out of brooches, millions of them! I found an amazing company in the States (fantasy Floral designs) that will do it for me if I send her all my brooches, but I have decided to get all creative on my own and do it, I think I will be really proud of myself should I pull it off! Off to the second hand shops I went (my small town only has 2) and I found some amazing brooches, I am going to raid every Granny I possibly know's jewelry boxes and steal some for myself!

A friend of mine at work sent me a divine link to make some flowers out of ribbon and they will also be added in! For button holes, my big sister (Love you EM) said she could make paper flower button holes with buttons in the middle,

LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me know what you think!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2 and I have a follower!

How exciting! I have my first follower (Thanks Howard)!! I should be working but I cant get wedding out of my nogin!!!
Most woman have dreamt of this day since they were a little girl, unfortunately I never got that part of the female gene and I only started dreaming about the day in the last few years, so I have a damn lot to catch up on!!
I am getting a bit disheartened about it all to be honest! I looked at some holiday packages and wow, its pricey! A friend of mine mentioned he would not be surprised if I wrote to Richard Branson and requested he let me stay in 1 of his many houses around the world, and as I am so Fabulous he can also throw in a flight for me (by me, I mean us!) on his private jet!!! Come on Richard! You know you want to!!! Whats the worst that can happen? He could say no, however, he might think about it and there will be a small (by small I mean like a minuscule) chance he might say yes! Pick me, Pick me!!!!!

If that fails, then I will have to do some serious bargain finding as my heart is set on a luxury Thailand Hotel holiday, you know the ones with people fanning you and bringing you a cocktail, the ones with the umbrella and all the fruit hanging out of it, and it comes in a pineapple every minute on the minute (its hot so I will be very thirsty), a chef to make our dinner and while I am on a roll with this fantasy stuff, some one can be feeding me grapes too should I be peckish, but................. on my budget, it looks like I will be ordering the umbrella with out the cocktail! "Can I get you a drink ma'am" glass of water with an umbrella please!!!!! Me thinks NOT! It could possibly be at the point that I start putting pen to paper and asking my good old buddy Richard to let me stay in his villa, why live with regrets right?

So I will keep you (1 follower) updated on my bargain hunting for a luxury Thailand holiday! I am the best bargain shopper in the world so I know I will find it and might even share my secrets with you all!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Virgin Blogger

You need to be patient with me this is my first time Blogging, I am so happy excited!!
The reason for me deciding to blog is that I am 1 of those very lucky few to have found my soul mate (don't panic, my blog wont be all mushy!) ash and I met 4 years ago, have had some serious downs but the ups have outweighed them by far and we always come out the other end stronger than ever!
On my birthday this year, Ashley asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn't think of a more amazing feeling, to know, I am complete with him!

So......... we ummed and arrrd about the wedding, now we spoke about it before the engagement and decided we were going to get all our closest friends and our family to get on a plane and we do it tropical style! You see, Ash and I are far from conventional and want to be different! However, I thought it could be amazing to have it here in South Africa and have a HUGE party for all friend and extended family! After much frantic calculations, it was decided that ash and I are going to stick to our original plan, why? Because a) its a hell of alot cheaper to go on a 3 week holiday than it it having a big "party" wedding and b) that's what we really want! So we have decided, THAILAND BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon! This blog will be filled with the tears, laughter, occasional screaming and the joys of planning a wedding in another country!

So I will give you all the scoop on my dress, flowers or the lack thereof (you will see what I mean soon) and hopefully this will help any one else who decided to do the same!
Adios for now, my gorgeous man aka naked chef has made me my diner and I am hank marvin (cockney slang for starving)