Monday, May 31, 2010

Do you still Love me?

Am I the worst blogger or what? Have you missed me at all? Do you still love me?
I am s sorry I have not blogged for almost 2 MONTHS (eish!) but things have been mad! I had to hold fire on Thailand as the Red Shirt blah blah blah was going on! Seriously, I think they are a little inconsiderate, could they not have waited until after my Wedding? I am a strong believer in "signs" and I think this was 1 of them, so to the utter disappointment of my gorgeous better half, we are now having the wedding closer to home! This means that I have less time to plan as February is the best month to get married here, especially as we will have to have a beach wedding!
Is it selfish of me to be a little excited to be having it here??? I am looking forward to the whole planning thing and mostly the control I will have here, yes, I am a control freak!

We are looking at a divine rustic beach venue up the West Coast next weekend! check it out! Pretty cool me thinks, but don't things always look better on the web? So lets wait and see!

I have also found my wedding dress, I love it! I am pleased it is not sitting in my wardrobe right now as I know I will wear it every day, Ashley will come home and I will be sitting watching movies in my wedding dress, a real "FRIENDS" moment! We also ordered Ashleys wedding ring, was weird seeing him with a ring on his finger, somehow made it so much more real!

I have been searching the web for loads of DIY wedding ideas and have found so many, there are some amazing bloggers out there with some awesome ideas (me excluded) has given me an awesome idea for some bridesmaids bouquets that cost me R1.50!!! Seriously! Also check out, all I can say to this site is WOW! I have spent most of my day going through the posts and they have given me amazing ideas for centre pieces and anything else DIY! I feel so inspired today that I just want to get planning!!!

We have sorted out the guest list, this was real difficult and I know there will be a few very upset people out there, we are on a seriously tight budget and the sacrifice we are making at having guests at our wedding is major! We forfeit a honeymoon (Ash hates me right now)just so we can have some friends and family sharing the day with us! We have limited ourselves to 60 people..... not very many I know but that's the way the cookie crumbles I am afraid! We have been harsh I tell you!

On another note my bridesmaid (you know the one who wasn't getting on with the maid of honour?) well we have kind of gone separate ways, heart breaking but at a stressful time like this, the last thing I need is someone bringing me down, was a difficult choice to make and some harsh words were said, but I guess everything happens for a reason!

I am really looking forward to seeing my family and I am hoping my big sis and Mother will be coming down a bit earlier to help with all the nitty gritty towards the end........ (this is a hint by the way) I have my sisters, my niece and my oldest friend as my wedding party and I want them to be in awesome dresses, maxi dresses and all different to each other, super chilled! I am also thinking karaoke! I am a sucker for a bit of a sing song after a few vinos! I also wanted a photo booth for guests but not at the price they are asking, so maybe a Polaroid???? I have so many ideas that my mind is racing at 100mph, I love it! I know its early stages but I love planning more than anything, I used to work for an Events company and as stressful as it was I thrived on it (the control freak coming out of me!)

As much as I would love to carry on with all the news and ideas I have in my head, I really should get back to work!
So adios amigos, love you long time!

PS. We have another new member added to our family! Seba aka Big Bear, he is a 4 year Old Labrador, him and Bella aka Terrorist love eachother to death!