Monday, June 7, 2010

Venue - Check!

Whoop Whoop!!! So finally we are all booked for 18th Feb! We found a divine venue, very rustic, chilled and on the beach! They have an awesome menu with traditional African and plaas kos which is what I love and I am sure everyone else will too, no shortage of food options here!

We are so pleased about the venue! We wanted to be on the beach and seriously, you cant get any closer than this. It ticks all the right boxes for us, Ash and I are not the kind of people that want all the bells and whistles that come with an over the top wedding! Don't get me wrong, we have been to some amazing weddings over the past few years and my eyes get all sparkly when I see the amazing decor, however, for my big day! I want every one to be relaxed and have a great time, in flip flops and board short if they wish, and this is the exact venue for it!

I have also done my wedding page on with most of the details updated, I feel bad about not having children at my wedding, other than my gorgeous Gabriella, but I want the day to be stress free for all our guests, they shouldn't have to worry about their kids! Am I a complete cow for not allowing guests to bring their children? Please give me feedback!

I have also been very creative since last week and started my bouquet and all the bridesmaids bouquets, I like them, its different and that's what I am all about!!!

Here are a few pics of the venue, what you think?