Friday, April 9, 2010

"Holiday, Celebrate"

So we took a holiday!
I Booked 2 extra days off from work over the Easter Weekend, packed the car and drove to Jeffrey's Bay, the guys surfed and the girls shopped! Was a divine weekend! To be honest I really didn't want to come home! Every time Ashley and myself go to the Eastern Cape it steals bits of my heart and I get heartbroken leaving! 1 Day we will pack up ship and head that way, its relaxed, the people are amazing and there doesn't seem to be any issues! I felt so safe! Sleeping with the doors open listening to the ocean was just mind blowing!

Bella the Bassador also had an amazing time! The drive up however was not too great for my friend Leanne as she shared the backseat with a very excited 6 month old and us having to stop as much as possible for her to make a putty which she never did until we got to a beach! Bella is now a professional aqua turd'r!! Nice! When we finally got to J Bay she was in seventh heaven! Found many boyfriends for herself and ran like a mad woman in the rocks and on the beach, so much so that her poor paws were split but it never stopped her! She was also a hit with all the gorgeous men on the beach! Well Done my girl!

We stayed at a divine place called Lorna's Lodge that is on the beach and we got a very nice surprise when we arrived, they had revamped the house from the last time we where there! Looks great! Well Done Tara! I was surrounded with great company the whole weekend and it made the whole trip so worth while! If only we could do that every weekend!!!

Now its back to reality for me, me no likey!!!

On a positive! I am waiting patiently for Thailand flights to open until all can be finalised! I am bursting to get it all done! Railay Bay resort has been amazing and Timmy has been so helpful! Putting packages together for us to suit our budget! I will be having fire dancers and all!!! So exciting!!!!

I have my first driving lesson today with a new instructor, I have my test on Tuesday and I am not at all confident! I have never had the need to drive when I was younger and living in the UK because the public transport is AMAZING, however here in SA, public transport doesn't really exist! So please send lots of positive vibes my way and hopefully I finally pass my drivers!

Love to you all xxxx

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