Monday, March 22, 2010


Ola all you beautiful people! Today is a public holiday and all I can say is thank heavens!!! After lots of partying this weekend I am looking forward to a day of sofa and the most unhealthiest food ever in my tummy! Yummy!!!!

A group of us all went to K Day (music festival at Lourensford) and it was so divine, lots of music and even more wine!! Headache is an understatement! However was so Worth it!

Last night we went for drinks at a friend house (rephrase, a friends Manor) was possibly the most amazing place I have ever seen, it is also a sanctuary for cats, it is definitely a cats life there, I will like to come back as a cat 1 day and live there please! Steak and fish galore for all of them! Divine! Then on a sad note, we left the party and went to the shop to get something, when we arrived there was a homeless man dragging a very skinny puppy around, this poor this was so dehydrated and starving!!! If you know me well you would have known what I did next, yelled alot at the guy and swooped this tiny fragile thing in my arms, when we got home Ashley had to bath her, she is so infested with ticks and fleas, so sad! We made her the comfiest bed with a water bottle, gave her water which she drank all of and gave her small amounts of food throughout the evening, I didn't want to over feed her! I also had to do something that was very painful and that was to open my drawer where I have saved all of Princess Holly's teddy's and give this little fragile thing something to snuggle up to! I am sure Princess Hol's wouldn't mind at all!

We have been trying to get hold of a few organisations that will take her in, but on a public holiday its pretty difficult!

I don't know how any one in their hearts can be so cruel to something so small and fragile! Why?
I will keep you all posted on the outcome!
Adios all you beautiful people xxx

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