Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me? Its been a few days since I blogged, I am so sorry!
As mentioned previously, I went to try on my first wedding dress, hhhmmmm, how can I say this in the nicest possible way????? I DO NOT LOOK GOOD IN A WEDDING DRESS!!! All the pleasures of take aways has not done me any good! So from no on I am going to make a huge effort in eating better and doing some exercise! This is easier said than done! Ashley has the metabolism of a child and can eat everything and anything and still looks like a Greek God! I however left my metabolism behind when I turned 24! I love everything bad and could eat Biltong all day every day, not good! So now is the time to look after myself!! I am not put off by trying on any more dresses though and I look forward to having a whole day of fittings and champagne (I think they try and get you pissed and then sell you the most expensive dress, I am sure that's how it works!)

Thailand plans are coming along nicely! I have decided to spend most of the holiday at the Sunset Beach Resort in Phuket and then plan to spend a few days at Railay Bay Resort and Spa where we will be getting married! I am still waiting on flights to open to get rates but hopefully that can be all sorted next month! Railay Bay resort and Spa have been so helpful and accommodating that I just know we will have an amazing time there! I am provisionally looking at 25th March 2011, we would like to get married on the 2nd April 2011, which means that our anniversary will always be over a long weekend and we always go away for that! Whoo hoo for long weekends!
I am still collecting lots of brooches for my bouquet and I am sure its going to look out of this world! As soon as we are all booked up then my invites will go out to all!

On a crappy note!!! We have had 2 attempted breakin's at our house in the last 4 days! Seriously not cool! 4am This morning was the most recent and I actually saw the 2 shits running towards the house from our front garden, we are all fine, however I don't think my PJ's made it through the tragic event! We have a furry family member Bella who is a Bassador (Labrador and Basset Hound mixed) she is totally gorgeous and very spoilt, however the worst guard dog (insert Jeremy Clarkson voice here) IN THE WORLD!!!! Luckily all the neighbours have seriously vicious dogs so they warned us in good time! Very surprisingly the SAPS were there in 2 minutes and were very helpful! Thanks Boys, you may have restored my faith in you, for the time being any way!
We have Easter weekend this weekend and I have decided to take 2 extra days off from work so I have a majorly long weekend ahead of me! We have all decided we are going to the Eastern Cape to the legendary surf spot that is Jeffrey's Bay, so the men can surf till their hearts content and the ladies can shop till they drop! So excited I could wee a little!
So for now all you beautiful people I will ask you all 1 favour....... stay beautiful

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