Friday, March 19, 2010

You love me! You really love me!

Hi all you gorgeous people! Wow, my followers are expanding! Thanks so much for all your positive feedback, you love me! You really love me (insert dramatic Oscar receiving speech here)! Made me a little proud of myself!

I have been searching non stop to find somewhere amazing to stay! I think we will stay in the commercial side (Patong etc) for the first few days of our trip and then venture to 1 of the islands and treat ourselves to pure luxury (grape feeding and all). If any one has any advice please send my way! I would love to experience the culture as well as the SHOPPING!!!! As all of the girls who I went with to India know! I love a bit of bargaining! I am in my element when haggling!!!

So we are pretty set on April 2011 for the big venture! Ash and I will be officially getting wed here in SA before we leave for Thailand, something small here, as we have a large enough garden, maybe even do it there with all who wont be joining us in Thailand, might even put some positive energy back in the place since the accident with our Princess (rest in peace Mommy's baby!) I think it will save alot of hassles doing it legally before we go out! Might even decorate the garden in a theme or something! A Thai theme!!!!!

I am really missing my Sisters and Mother at a time like this, would be great if I were near them, my big Sister is always good at making me feel better about all the stress! Love you Em xxx I have a small problem at the moment, well actually BIG really! My bridesmaid and Maid of Honour are not liking each other very much (understatement) and to be honest, its making this whole experience a bit bleh for me! Long story short, Made of Honour wants to step down because she doesn't want to make this experience unpleasant for me, even though she tries so hard to make peace with every one and I really want her to be part of this experience with me, she is my oldest friend after all and its all just a bit much. If I click my heels like Dorothy do you think I will go to a nicer place???!!!!!! Any way! It will work itself out! If not then it just was not meant to be!!!

I am so pleased its Friday! You have no idea! I have year end at the moment and as I am the "accountant" of the office its actually pretty stressful, considering that I have only had very basic bookkeeping experience before, I think I am doing a pretty good job, so it will be a welcome treat that my Mother in Law to be got Ashley and myself tickets to a picnic music concert here at Lourensford wine estate for tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it! My bestest bands ever are playing 'Freshly Ground" and "Goldfish" so very excited to be lying in the sun with a vino in 1 hand, great music and even better company!

I hope you all have a divine weekend, here in SA its a long weekend for us! Whoo Hoo! Muchos love to you all! Adios! xx


  1. So sad about yr 2 bridesmaids, what a nightmare! :-( maybe a girly dinner the three of you could clear the air?!! here's wishing for yr dorothy slippers! :-) i'm not holding out much hope but just wanted you to know i am researching flight prices to thailand xxxx

  2. ah Nic! That would be amazing, just the thought of it is appreciated!!! The bridesmaids thing is very upsetting, feel very torn between the 2 and its so upsetting!!! If I find some great deals I will let you know, the only problem is not too many operaters are showing flight for so far in advance so i will keep checking xxxx