Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Happy Excited!!!

Well, my last few posts have been a bit, hmm, how do I put this? Depro!! So on a very positive note........ Thailand plans are coming together slowly but surely! I am pretty set on Sunset Beach resort as it is near the hustle and bustle but far enough so you can at least have a good nights sleep! I have heard wonderful reviews on it from close friends, its always nicer when some one recommends somewhere! However, this is not where we will be having the wedding, I still need to find that spot! I found a gorgeous resort in Railay to get married at right on the beach, even in the bloody water if I want it to be, waiting on rates to come back but the reviews I have found on the web have not been amazing, in fact very mixed!! So will keep you updated on the actual Wedding venue!!

On an even better note........................... I am going to try on my very first wedding dress!!! I wanted to have 2 made, yes 2!!! 1 For our gathering here and another for Thailand, my Mom recons I should have 1 made in Thailand and take a back up with me just incase! But when I saw this dress I am trying on today on the web, it was calling my name, seriously, "Jen, place your boobies in my princess cut, come on! You know you want to!" Its a princess cut (for the boys who are reading,m a princess cut is when it makes like a top of a heart shape by your boobies) and as most of you know! I love my Boobies (all real, thank you very much) and any dress that will show off how amazing they are (yes! Blowing my own trumpet!) the better! So Off I go in 30 min to try it on! I am so excited I actually have butterflies in my tummy!

I will let you all know how it goes, for the mean time though, here are my first options of dresses that I want made! 1 Word AWESOME!!!

MWHA to you all xxxxxxxxx

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  1. The long polka dot dress is so you... i really love it and can picture you in it on the gorgeous beaches of Thailand!!! A definate YOU dress xoxo