Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2 and I have a follower!

How exciting! I have my first follower (Thanks Howard)!! I should be working but I cant get wedding out of my nogin!!!
Most woman have dreamt of this day since they were a little girl, unfortunately I never got that part of the female gene and I only started dreaming about the day in the last few years, so I have a damn lot to catch up on!!
I am getting a bit disheartened about it all to be honest! I looked at some holiday packages and wow, its pricey! A friend of mine mentioned he would not be surprised if I wrote to Richard Branson and requested he let me stay in 1 of his many houses around the world, and as I am so Fabulous he can also throw in a flight for me (by me, I mean us!) on his private jet!!! Come on Richard! You know you want to!!! Whats the worst that can happen? He could say no, however, he might think about it and there will be a small (by small I mean like a minuscule) chance he might say yes! Pick me, Pick me!!!!!

If that fails, then I will have to do some serious bargain finding as my heart is set on a luxury Thailand Hotel holiday, you know the ones with people fanning you and bringing you a cocktail, the ones with the umbrella and all the fruit hanging out of it, and it comes in a pineapple every minute on the minute (its hot so I will be very thirsty), a chef to make our dinner and while I am on a roll with this fantasy stuff, some one can be feeding me grapes too should I be peckish, but................. on my budget, it looks like I will be ordering the umbrella with out the cocktail! "Can I get you a drink ma'am" glass of water with an umbrella please!!!!! Me thinks NOT! It could possibly be at the point that I start putting pen to paper and asking my good old buddy Richard to let me stay in his villa, why live with regrets right?

So I will keep you (1 follower) updated on my bargain hunting for a luxury Thailand holiday! I am the best bargain shopper in the world so I know I will find it and might even share my secrets with you all!

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