Sunday, March 14, 2010

Virgin Blogger

You need to be patient with me this is my first time Blogging, I am so happy excited!!
The reason for me deciding to blog is that I am 1 of those very lucky few to have found my soul mate (don't panic, my blog wont be all mushy!) ash and I met 4 years ago, have had some serious downs but the ups have outweighed them by far and we always come out the other end stronger than ever!
On my birthday this year, Ashley asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn't think of a more amazing feeling, to know, I am complete with him!

So......... we ummed and arrrd about the wedding, now we spoke about it before the engagement and decided we were going to get all our closest friends and our family to get on a plane and we do it tropical style! You see, Ash and I are far from conventional and want to be different! However, I thought it could be amazing to have it here in South Africa and have a HUGE party for all friend and extended family! After much frantic calculations, it was decided that ash and I are going to stick to our original plan, why? Because a) its a hell of alot cheaper to go on a 3 week holiday than it it having a big "party" wedding and b) that's what we really want! So we have decided, THAILAND BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon! This blog will be filled with the tears, laughter, occasional screaming and the joys of planning a wedding in another country!

So I will give you all the scoop on my dress, flowers or the lack thereof (you will see what I mean soon) and hopefully this will help any one else who decided to do the same!
Adios for now, my gorgeous man aka naked chef has made me my diner and I am hank marvin (cockney slang for starving)

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