Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flowers or lack there of!

Ola all you beautiful people (4 followers!)
In my first post I mentioned my flowers or lack thereof! So here it is! I have decided against flowers for my wedding, dont all be shocked! I will still have a bouquet but I am making it out of brooches, millions of them! I found an amazing company in the States (fantasy Floral designs) that will do it for me if I send her all my brooches, but I have decided to get all creative on my own and do it, I think I will be really proud of myself should I pull it off! Off to the second hand shops I went (my small town only has 2) and I found some amazing brooches, I am going to raid every Granny I possibly know's jewelry boxes and steal some for myself!

A friend of mine at work sent me a divine link to make some flowers out of ribbon and they will also be added in! For button holes, my big sister (Love you EM) said she could make paper flower button holes with buttons in the middle,

LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me know what you think!!!!


  1. what a fabulous idea Jen! you are so creative! and it's going to be something that you will keep and treasure forever!

  2. the second "posie" in creams and pearls look FANTASTIC - ideal for a wedding in the sand!